Initial Landscaping

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Initial Landscaping

At Cerrato Custom Landscaping​, we carefully select the elements or features that we include in every landscaping project we handle. Some of the factors we consider include the client’s budget, the available space, and the existing design or architecture of the home. This allows us to ensure a unified, seamless look that makes the landscaped area blend well with the rest of the property’s amenities and structures.

Here are the landscape elements that we usually recommend to make any ordinary-looking outdoor space look extraordinarily beautiful and functional:



Our professionally trained and skilled landscape designers can achieve your desired landscape by creating a detailed design plan. They will use the right techniques, apply the proper elements, and ensure that your desires and ideas are promptly incorporated in the design proposal.


Irrigation installation

We have skilled crews who can install the right irrigation system based on your preferences or the needs of the landscape. Our lengthy experience makes us the perfect people to go to if you want to have the right irrigation for your landscape.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Part of our comprehensive landscape services is designing and creating outdoor living spaces. We can build extraordinary patios, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and other outdoor features. We use only the finest materials to ensure the beauty and build quality of our creations.


Outdoor Lighting

Let us enhance your landscape’s beauty by installing captivating outdoor lighting fixtures in strategic locations. We can install downlights, uplights, floodlights, and other lights, depending on your preferences.



We can make your property both functional and attractive by installing hardscapes like  walkways, patios, outdoor kitchens, or retaining walls. We will build them using top-notch materials, such as bricks, stone, and concrete pavers.


Fire Amenities

Choose from fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or fire bowl – the three fire amenities that we can include in your landscape. Our landscaping crews use only premium materials in creating fire features, so you can expect and enjoy comfortable stay outdoors on cold weather.


Water Features

We can install koi ponds, artificial waterfalls, pools, and fountains to make your landscape more inviting and therapeutic. You’re assured that the water features will be built according to your design requirements and placed in strategic areas across your yard.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

At Cerrato Custom Landscaping have been offering comprehensive landscaping services to our clients. We are essentially a one-stop shop for all things related to landscaping improvement, installation & design.

We can assure you that all tasks are performed by our expert and experienced team, which is composed of seasoned designers, landscapers and licensed technicians. But the best thing about the landscaping services that we provide to residents is our affordability.

We maintain competitive pricing for the services that we offer so clients can avail them without worrying about their budget. Please call us now at (719) 243-1855.

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