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Hardscape Services

Outdoor living spaces in properties are supposed to be the perfect spots for some relaxation after a stressful day at work, so they must have hardscape amenities that offer just that. There are many ways to make your outdoors more functional and captivating. Below is a list of our services. Give us a call! We would love to discuss your next project.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Lighting Design & Installation

We offer a full spectrum of highly efficient lighting fixtures that serves not only as necessary utilities but they make beautiful enhancements to your property as well. Our cutting-edge lighting systems are available for both commercial and residential applications and are easily affordable for even the tightest of budgets.



Uplighting and Accent Lighting


Pathway Lighting and Downlights


Steps and Wall Lighting


Water Feature and Fountain Lighting

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire places

A great way to infuse your outdoor space with interior comfort is to add functional elements like an outdoor kitchen. Some people opt to add a fully equipped outdoor kitchen to their patio. In this case, it is important to decide on a practical layout that will make the space easy to work in. Most outdoor kitchens are smaller than your traditional interior kitchen.

Therefore, creating an efficient outdoor kitchen layout where everything you need is just a few steps away is not a problem for our designers.

Outdoor fireplaces easily sit near or on a patio. Some designs actually place the fireplace at one side of the patio, allowing for furniture to reside nearby, giving family and friends a great place congregate and literally “sit around the fire”.

No matter what you choose, adding an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire bit, these are projects that require proper planning and technical expertise both in design and construction.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Waterfalls installation

In nature, waterfalls are prized for their beauty as well as their power. Many people will even take vacations to see a waterfall or include them as a necessary part of their trip.

So, it’s no wonder that they are incredibly popular with homeowners who are looking to upgrade or install a new landscape concept.

Modern-day materials and installation techniques also make it easier and more affordable than ever for you to have a creative waterfall right in the comfort of your own backyard.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Fountains installation

Fountains are also very popular inclusions with waterfall landscaping designs. They can be incorporated at the top of the waterfall and cascade into the drainage area, or at the holding pond at the base of the waterfall.

These days fountain designs are as diverse as they are creative, and you will be spoiled for choice while looking for the just the right one.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable


We will meet with you to determine what your goals are with xeriscaping. Based on your requirements, we look at your land and design the perfect xeriscape for you. We strive to make our designs in accordance with many of Xeriscape principles.

Xeriscape Design will typically include the following:


Native Plants

Xeriscaping makes use of beautiful native plants, bushes, plants, and trees which are naturally drought resistant. 


Functional Stone Features

Xeriscape designs typically feature functional hardscapes such as patios, walkways, walls, or even fountains to bring the design together.


Efficient Irrigation

Efficient irrigation will include drip irrigation for plants and shrubs – as well as low-angle sprinklers for turf areas.


Limited Turf Placement

Most xeriscape design has some grass – but it is limited, shaded, and placed to take advantage of natural drainage.



Mulches will be used in and around plants to retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Concrete Services

Our extensive background has allowed us to evolve into a full service provider to the construction industry. We have the capabilities and resources to offer our clients a broad range of concrete solutions.

One example is our professional Concrete Design/Build services in which we bring on a structural engineer and collaborate during the design phase so that our client receives a cost efficient concrete system with their first set of structural drawings.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Retaining Walls

Installing retaining walls is the perfect choice if you have soil erosion problems or sloping land on your property and you also want to make better use of the available space. Walls signify strength, stability, and permanence. When we handle retaining wall installation our team assesses the available space and determines precisely where to build these features.

We use high-quality concrete masonry units in retaining wall construction, and these improve the appeal and stability of your landscape. Stone retaining walls are not only durable but long lasting and aesthetically pleasing and they also never need to be maintained or replaced, which makes them the most appealing solution for contractors and homeowners alike.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

Pavers & Stone

If you are looking for a paver and stone installation company in that you can trust, you have arrived at the right place! There are so many paver installation companies to choose from as new companies continue to pop-up everyday on the internet.

We know it can be very confusing to figure out who to choose, which is why it is our goal to provide you with all the important information you need. We can help make the absolute best decision on your paving stone investment.

Not only do the pavers instantly increase the value of your house, they are beautiful and will add that special statement that you have been looking for. There are 100’s of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, that there is bound to be a combination that will address your needs perfectly.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable


Fencing is a critical component to your home. Not only is it a practical way to keep your children and pets safe, but it can also clearly mark your property lines and increase your home’s overall value.

If you’re looking for fence builders near you or if you just need to have your current fence replaced, we’re the experts to call. We will send experienced, fully insured fence contractors who will finish the job on time and on budget.


Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are easy to install, versatile and visually appealing. Choose from a variety of styles such as Nail Up, Picture Frame, with Lattice and more.


3 Rail Concrete Fence

Our concrete fence will with stand and type of weather Colorado throws at it. Long lasting firm material that will not weather or warp.



Add a wooden or chain link gate. Choose from single gates, double swing gates or sliding gates. Customize your gate with arched tops or lattice.

We Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful & Usable

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